Be thankful for today

Be thankful for today

You might be in the midst of mindless busyness. For a moment, spend some time to pause and reflect and be thankful that you are…alive.

You might not have had the best week so far, and you might be facing a daunting challenge right now and in the days to come. You might be bogged down by stress and expectations. Your energy levels might be crippled and your morale close to non-existence.

You may have been yelled at by the boss or talked down by some unreasonable client. You might be facing impending deadlines and are feeling like the walls are really closing in on you and there’s no way out.

But the fact that you’re alive means that you live to fight another day. It means that there is still more room for improvement, despite our flaws and weaknesses. It means that there is still the opportunity to rise to the occassion and deal with and overcome our challenges.

It also means that we get to share our living moments with the people we love and to do the things we enjoy.

This day, once gone, will never return. The clock’s always ticking. So while there’s still breath in our lungs and blood flowing in our veins, let’s embrace this moment and be thankful for today!

What are some of the things in your life which you can be thankful for?


Image courtesy of Ben Smith.

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