Bitter or better?

Bitter or better

Life can be rough and tough. It isn’t perfect and undesirable things can happen. The question is whether we’re going to let circumstances make us bitter or better.

As much as we want things to go according to our plans and expectations, things can happen. We can screw up along the way. Others can ruin or interfere with our plans, despite the best of their intentions. Circumstances can change and the unexpected can happen.

When you fall short of our goals and expectations, do you bash yourself, undermine your self-worth and walk away from the incident down and defeated? Or would you allow it to motivate yourself to push harder, pick yourself up and give it another shot?

When people fail you, do you let it taint your perception of others and affect the way you trust the folks around you? Or will you tell yourself that everyone makes mistakes (yourself included) and you can choose to forgive and let go and move forward from it?

When you embark on a trip and the weather or circumstances turn ugly and you have to cancel some of your plans for the day, do you sulk and whine and curse at the skies and let yourself feel trashy for the next few days? Or would you embrace that change, improvise and come up with something else to make the best use of the day?

It is said that life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90 percent how we respond to them.

Things might not always work out the way we want to, but we can always choose to respond to them in a positive and proactive way. Life’s too short to be miserable, right?

Are your circumstances making you bitter or better?

Image courtesy of hamad M.

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