What are we about?

We are not only a magazine, but a movement to empower individuals (students, graduates, young employees and working professionals) to do well in their work and life.

Our empowerment movement is made possible through our resources (print and online), events and workshops which are specifically crafted to impart skills and knowledge for one to excel in his/her personal and professional life.

Why are we doing this?

Because people matter and everyone is full of potential.

I’m sure you have your own dreams, passions and aspirations, and you must have noticed someone, whether in your class, clique or department, who seems to be making waves and making great things happen. Ever thought if you could do that as well?

We want to help you with that, because we believe in you and you deserve to change the world.

Meet the Team

DominicDominic Soh
Founder and Chief Editor

As one who seeks to bring out the best in others, Dominic conducts leadership and personal development workshops because he believes that every one can change the world. He’s also loves helping start-ups and small businesses impact society.

MichaelMichael Tan
Cofounder and Editor

Mike is a passionate musician and zealous sportsman and he loves meeting new people – young and old. He’s also actively involved in Red Frogs and is a strong influence to youths and young adults.