7 Tips to Remember Names better

7 Tips to Remembering Names better

I love attending social and networking events to meet new people. I introduce myself, shake hands and moments later, I sometimes forget their names. Does this happen to you as well?

We know that in life, our net worth is hugely determined by our network and our success in life is strongly related to the quality of the relationships we have with others. Before such great relationships can be forged, it all starts by us remembering the names of the people we’ve just met.

Here’s how we can do it.

1. Pay attention to the name as it’s being said

Before you jump into the conversation, hold your eagerness to ask questions so that you can pay extra attention to the names of the people who are new to you. This is especially important if you are introduced to a new group of people because you do not want to forget who is who at the end of the day.

2. Say the name aloud as soon as possible

Once you’ve been introduced to a person, say his/her name aloud straightaway. “It’s really nice to meet you, Sally! What brings you here?” Also, try to find as many instances as you can to verbalise the name. “Hey Sally, allow me to introduce you to my friend was is also into content marketing…”

3. Comment on the name

This works especially well if the person’s name is unique. “That’s a nice name! Is ‘Ashley’ the one which ends with ‘ley’ or ‘lee’?” Even if it’s a common name, you can still make references to it. “Oh wow…I have 4 other friends who are called ‘Jonathan’ as well. Must be an awesome name.”

4. Make meaningful associations with the name

When you met Jonathan, Ashley or Sally, don’t just remember the name by itself. Associate their names with something unique about them. Does Jonathan love soccer as much as you do? Is Sally the one with the beautiful scarf? And how about Ashley the supermum who can find time to run her own business while taking care of 3 kids?

5. Associate the name with the face

Observe the physical characteristics of the person and make associations of that with his/her name. Is Jonathan tall? Then remember tall Jonathan. Does Sally have blue eyes? Then remember blue-eyed Sally.

6. Look at the person’s name tag and business card

While in the conversing stage with the individual, do make quick looks at his/her name tag and business card from time to time. This will give you a stronger and a longer lasting impression of the person’s name in your mind.

7. Use an app to help you

Fear not! There’s even an app to help you remember names. Namerick allows you to key in information about the new person you have just met and uses repetition and mnemonics to enhance your memory of names.

Do you have other tips to help us remember names better?


Image courtesy of visitBerlin. Article inspired by Entrepreneur.

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