50 Ways to Kill Your Life’s Potential

50 Ways to Kill Your Life's Potential

Do you want a life full of regret at the end of the day? To make it much about yourself and less about making a difference and leaving a legacy? Then, here are 50 ways for you to kill the potential in you.

1. Do the bare minimum in the things that you do.

2. Go through the motions of life.

3. Avoid being stretched or challenged in your endeavors.

4. Keep thinking about the past and forget about creating your future.

5. Live life as the days come by.

6. Don’t find out the true purpose of the things you are doing.

7. Be driven by forces other than passion and conviction.

8. Stick to whatever is easy and familiar.

9. Actively and even unknowingly follow the crowd.

10. Hold back your efforts and talents thinking that the perfect opportunity will arrive.

11. Wait for others to step out before you make your move.

12. Talk about many things but do nothing.

13. Do something about it, but stop because the resistance is too great (or because the hype and high has worn out).

14. Keep acquiring knowledge, but don’t apply them.

15. Keep looking back to reminisce about the “good old days” but don’t do anything much with the days ahead.

16. Cultivate a love for taking and making excuses.

17. Avoid and vilify breakthrough and transformation.

18. Blame others or the external environment for the circumstances you are going through.

19. Criticize more than you contribute.

20. Keep postponing the pursuit of your passions.

21. Think and believe that you don’t have much to offer.

22. Think that you know everything and that you don’t need anyone’s help.

23. Think that those who found success are successful because they are merely born talented.

24. Keep your expectations low so that it’s easy to achieve your goals.

25. Avoid raising your expectations out of your fear of failure.

50 Ways to Kill Your Life's Potential 2

#40. When you have been challenged or empowered to something great, say “Why me?”.

26. Take it easy instead of taking risks.

27. Don’t have anything in mind to look forward to.

28. Keep your options open and adopt the “just in case” and “wait and see” attitude.

29. Discourage others and yourself from challenging the status quo and taking the leap of faith.

30. Always choose facts to faith – it must be quantified to be qualified.

31. Merely accept the things others say to/about you – don’t question it.

32. Avoid doing things that place you in the spotlight (like standing out and speaking up for a cause).

33. Believe that filling your stomach and bank account is everything.

34. Don’t aim for the exceptional, just go for “good enough”.

35. Think that going the extra mile or producing something remarkable unconditionally will in turn shortchange you.

36. Avoid offending or disturbing anybody (even if that endeavor is ultimately constructive and beneficial).

37. Think that failures are indicative that certain things are not worth pursuing.

38. Take the back seat and wait for instructions.

39. When you notice a problem (in someone or in a system), say to yourself, “Someone else will fix it.”.

40. When you have been challenged or empowered to something great, say “Why me?”.

41. When asked about why you do the things that you do, reply “It has always been done this way.” or “Because I have to do it.”.

42. Shut up, sit down, and do what you’re supposed to do.

43. Do it someday or one day, instead of today.

44. Believe and convince yourself that the tangibles like salary and qualifications are good definitions of success.

45. Don’t commit because focusing on something and excluding all others is too great a cost for you to bear.

46. Place greater regard to people’s opinions than your own voice.

47. Let your role or job scope limit yourself – think that you are just a member, just an employee, just another individual, just like everybody.

48. Believe that what you can’t do is more overbearing than what you can do.

49. Make many of your ambitions and activities centered around you, you and you, without many outward-looking aspirations.

50. See more obstacles than opportunities, more problems than possibilities.

Are you able to relate to any of the 50 ways mentioned?


Image courtesy of (OvO) and nikos.
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