15 Exam Tips to help You on the Big Day

15 Exam Tips to help You on the Big Day

You’ve put in long hours to revise and study for it. With the big day drawing close, use these exam tips to maximise your perfomance on the day itself.

1. Wake up early

There is no doubt that many will be burning the midnight oil the night before and sacrificing sleep to cover as much ground as possible. However, you would want to rise early to give your body and mind time to warm-up and prepare itself for the exam.

Additionally, getting up earlier will ensure that you do not end up rushing through (or skipping) breakfast, hurrying out the door and blitzing to the examination room.

2. Check the time and place of the exam

Get the details right. You do not want to miss the exam itself or end up at the wrong venue.

3. Have a good breakfast

Having something to eat before you head out will give your body the necessary sustenance to help you pull through the entire duration of the exam paper. Also, if you have a sensitive stomach, avoid consuming “risky” food items which can upset your system – just go for what you will usually have on a normal day.

4. Do an equipment check

Make sure you have the necessary items and stationery before you leave home.

Writing materials? Calculator? Exam time and venue? Student card/ID?

5. Give buffer for travelling time

We will never know what could happen on our way to the exam hall. Trains could be delayed, roadworks can happen and unexpected traffic congestions can occur as well.

Provide sufficient travelling buffer time so that you can arrive early at your exam venue.

6. Watch your company

When you are waiting to enter your exam hall, there might be other students around you who are freaking out or having a nervous breakdown. Steer clear of them – you could use as much peace of mind as you can get.

7. Use the washroom first

Relieve yourself in the washroom before you even head into the exam room. You don’t want to waste precious exam time to answer mother nature’s call.

8. Write your name on the exam paper

This sounds blatantly obvious, but people still forget to put down their names on the paper.

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9. Read the questions and plan for them

Go through the questions, break them down and identify what the question is asking for. Once that is done, budget and allocate the time you have to answer them.

10. Start with the easy questions first

Fret not if you are stuck with a challenging and formidable problem. Move on and answer the easier questions first. This will give you a confidence boost and leave you with less things to worry about as the clock ticks by.

11. When brain freezes, just write something

Sometimes in the midst of study chaos, revision anxiety and exam pressure, the mind can shut down momentarily and prevent any ideas or thoughts from flowing.

In this case, just go ahead and write something – even if it’s a bullet point on a rough piece of paper. The point is to write something so that the brain has something to start with.

12. Avoid question hogging

When faced with a daunting question, avoid spending too much time on it. Leave it for later, so that you can at least deal with questions which are more manageable.

13. Ask, if in doubt

If you happen to be unsure of what the question is asking for, or what the question even means, feel free to raise your query to an examiner. Even if she is unable to give you much clue about it, there’s still no harm in asking.

14. Review and check through your work

It’s best to leave a few minutes before the end of the paper to give you time to review and check your work. Ensure that you have answered all the questions that’s expected of you. Also, check your calculations to prevent losing marks to careless mistakes.

15. Stay calm

Last of all, relax! Be confident in yourself because you have done your part and put in your best to prepare for this big day. Do whatever you need to do and don’t worry about the things that are beyond your control.

Go for it!


Article inspired by examtime. Image courtesy of Christian Kaden and Alberto G.

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