10 Things Successful People Do On Monday Mornings

10 Things Successful People Do On Monday Mornings

Most people see Mondays as the start of the daily grind, the cramped commute and the monotonous 9-to-5. However, there are things which successful people do differently at the start of the week. Here’s 10 of them.

#10. Use Your Weekends Effectively

If you had a lousy and hectic weekend, don’t expect to start off your workweek on a high note. Obviously, work is important and there are countless things to be done, but there are things which can be held off until Monday.

Instead, use the weekends to spend time on yourself and to do things which you love. In fact, many people found out that their best ideas come when they are well rested and free from all work-related distractions.

So take a break and make the time to relax and unwind. You will then be ready and recharged to face the world when the next week arrives.

#9. Plan Your Week

Most people dread Monday mornings and wish they never come. But successful people, who are equally occupied, if not even busier, view the start of the week as the opportunity to get things done.

Take the time to plan out the goals and the priorities you have for the week. Set aside some time to arrange them according to their levels of importance and budget your time and resources accordingly. You can also check out the 4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Everyday to be aware of the goals and challenges you will be facing for the day.

#8. Get Up Early

Truth is, jumping out of bed, frantically washing up, wolfing down your breakfast and charging out the door to rush in your morning commute is not a great way to start off the day.

Try getting up earlier, by going to bed earlier, so that you can use your extra time in the morning to plan for your day, have a proper breakfast, read the papers, or do a quick workout, before heading off.

#7. Tackle Emails First…

We all know that emails is one of the most quintessential modes of communication in the business world, and falling back in checking your emails can mean that important information is lost or left behind. And there is no doubt that over the course of a weekend, the electronic correspondences can accumulate.

#6. …Or Don’t

Even though it’s important to be on top of your emails, the start of the workweek is usually the point where your energy level is at its peak.

This means that it’s actually better to spend the early hours working on single, focused work – endeavours which require a great deal of thinking, processing and cognitive input.

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#5. Take Advantage Of Your Commute

Nobody loves the morning commute, whether it’s getting stuck in the jam or competing for space in public transportation. However, that should not stop you for making the most of your travel time because virtually no one is competing for your attention.

If you’re in public transportation, you can take the time to read a book or catch up with the news. Or if you have your own means to get to work, you can always prepare yourself mentally for the day or listen to nice and soothing music on the way to work.

#4. Be Grateful

It’s easy to be in a gloomy or crappy mood on a Monday morning, since you only have a mere 48 hours to yourself. However, successful people understand that it’s important to be thankful for whatever they have and are going to have. So be grateful for the free time you had over the weekend and for the fact that you have job in the first place!

#3. Exercise

Working out on a Monday morning brings the usual physical benefits, like weight control and the endorphin rush that can augment your mood for the day. In addition, it sets the tone for the day and gives you “mental leverage” – a head-start and a sense of accomplishment because you’ve managed to crawl out of the sheets and get your body working even before the rest of the world has hit the snooze button.

#2. Eat That Frog

If you have to eat a frog at the start of your day, and you have mustered the strength and courage to do so, then you’re pretty much set for the rest of your day, since that was your toughest task.

Working on your most difficult tasks for the day while your energy levels are the highest will ensure that you will not be bugged by those tasks down the road, leaving you free to focus on other things instead.

#1. Start With A Clean Desk

While several of the creative types will argue for the value of working in an “organised mess”, it’s true that excessive clutter can dampen productivity and hinder great work from being done.

Take some time on a Friday evening to tidy up your desk before heading off for the weekend, so that when you return on Monday, you are able to start on a clean slate and on a fresh canvas.


Article inspired by askmen. Images courtesy of Tim Wang and Daniel Kulinski.

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